About Us

Hydro Tech Utilities is a known provider of quality maintenance and compliance for Public Water Systems (PWS) in the Greater Houston area. The company was founded in 1998 to provide PWS operations that comply with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Public Drinking Water regulations.

Providing quality water for business patrons as well as employees is a factor in the formula for creating an overall successful business environment. To that end, choosing an operating company that understands this importance is highly recommended. Compliance with the state drinking water regulations not only increases drinking water quality, it reduces public liability which affects profitability.

Hydro Tech Utilities is considered an industry leader in the management of small PWS. We provide compliance services to clients regulated by federal, state, and local regulatory authorities. Additionally, we manage non-regulated water distribution systems. These systems do not meet the regulatory requirements of a regulated PWS, but the water produced is consumed by the public.

Hydro Tech Utilities currently provides services in Harris, Waller, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, and Liberty counties. We are continually seeking opportunities to expand our service areas throughout the state. By developing strong relationships with key industry service providers we can effectively address the needs of all our clients. These relationships include well drilling, construction, and engineer contractors with strong expertise in their specialties.

Hydro Tech Utilities has developed a management approach that addresses the compliance and business related issues our clients confront. We have the capability to manage the entire PWS regulatory and compliance process which enable our clients to focus primarily on their business operations. As specialists in public drinking water, Hydro Tech Utilities is familiar with regulatory processes and can provide consultation on an as needed basis. Our monthly laboratory results are provided in a timely manor and special regulatory results are submitted with accuracy. Our innovative business concepts are considered diverse and convenient by our clients. We strive to provide quality services while making a positive contribution to the water operating industry.

The Hydro Tech Utilities team is highly motivated to service the needs of our clients. Since 1998, our clients have depended on us to assist them with difficult situations that often arise in water quality management. Members of the Hydro Tech Utilities team are active members of the Sam Houston Water Utilities Association, Texas Rural Water Association and Texas Water Utility Association, and regularly attend meetings of these organizations. These meetings provide us the opportunity to directly interface with regulatory agencies, such as TCEQ and Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (HCPHES), which gives us advance notice on upcoming changes in regulations which may affect our customers. Also, these sessions help keep Hydro Tech Utilities abreast of the latest information and advances in the profession of PWS operation.

Although our primary focus is in public drinking water quality, Hydro Tech Utilities has access to a diversified group of professionals with years of experience in all areas of Public Drinking Water Health and Safety.