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The process of providing comprehensive maintenance and regulatory compliance for Public Water Systems (PWS) consists of a number of key elements. The first of these is to work with the customer to determine their specific needs related to their public water distribution. An initial inspection is conducted to assess the fitness of the PWS. A Hydro Tech Utilities representative will discuss the results of the inspection and answer any further questions. The actual PWS maintenance begins at that point. We coordinate the entire PWS monthly operation from pressure readings to the collection of water samples for analysis at a certified laboratory, and this is all overseen by a State Certified Water Operator and a staff of trained specialists.

Detail of Services

Hydro Tech Utilities provides a comprehensive program that meets the requirements for government regulated and non-regulated PWS. The key components of the process include:

  • Monitoring: Per the public drinking water quality regulations, Hydro Tech Utilities monitors the PWS on a weekly basis. This includes: checking the chlorine residual from the point of distribution to the furthermost point of the water distribution system, replenishing the chlorine reservoir as needed, inspecting external piping and tubing connections, completing a well maintenance log, recording water pressure and meter readings, submitting TCEQ disinfection reports, providing a binder to maintain PWS records, and providing a 24 hour emergency contact.
  • Sample Analysis: Hydro Tech Utilities processes all Coli form water samples for analysis through federal and state accredited environmental laboratories. All of the laboratories are overseen by highly trained scientists. The sample results are verified by laboratory personnel and the results are forwarded to Hydro Tech Utilities for customer distribution.
  • Record Maintenance and Compliance: The TCEQ and HCPHES require all Public Water Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants to maintain records for a number of years. If alleged violations should arise, these records are necessary to prove that the facility has been in compliance, doing what was necessary to operate within the required parameters. Hydro Tech Utilities maintains all clients' records for the required number of years, and is able to mediate on the client's behalf.
  • Consultation: Hydro Tech Utilities' Project Manager, Mike Moreno, has been in the water and wastewater industry for over 35 years. The President, Jerek Miggins, who is also our Chief Water Operator, has been working in the industry for 15 years. We have extensive knowledge of systems that serve populations anywhere from 3 to 3,000. Our years in the industry have given us the contacts we need to ensure there is no water or wastewater problem that we cannot solve.
  • Additional Services: Septic Pump, Gap Vac, and Sludge Hauling.

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