Water & Wastewater Utilites Fabrication/Construction

Hydro Tech Utilities has been providing quality products and services for the petroleum, chemical, water and waste treatment, utility, heavy industry and governmental agencies. Today, Hydro Tech Utilities is a full service storage tank contractor with field operations throughout Houston and surrounding areas. By utilizing the skills and talents of all our people we are committed to providing our customers a superior product at a competitive price.

Note: In some of activties, the use of an outside vendor or contactor may be necessary. In most of these cases, the cost of the outside vendor or contractor remains the responsibility of the client.

Services and products we provide:

  • Drill public water systems
  • Build package wastwater treatment plants
  • Fabrication welded ground storage tanks
  • Refurbish ground storage tanks & wastwater treatment plants
  • Sand blast & paint
  • Weir troughs & scum troughs,
  • Sludge collector systems
  • stairs, cat walks & hand rails
  • Install man ways
  • Ground storage tank Vents
  • Blowers
  • Lift station pumps
  • Complete line of pulsafeeder products
  • Electrical work
  • Fabricate air headers
  • RAS/WAS lines
  • System smoke test