Public Drinking Water

Water Quality Serives

Hydro Tech Utilities Contracts can include the responsibility for all activities related to the management of water utilities, for which Hydro Tech Utilities is to be responsible.
The potential list of activities includes, but is not limited to the following:

Note: In some of the activities, the use of an outside vendor or contractor may be necessory (such as pulling water wells, pump maintenance/repairs, laboratory testing, etc.) In most of these cases, the cost of the outside vendor or contractor remains the responsibility of the client.

  • Prepare and submit required regulatory reports
  • Prepare and disseminate Consumer Confidence Reports
  • prepare reports required for the storage of hazardous chemicals
  • Establish and implement required wastewater solids program
  • Assist with establishing and maintaining proper rates for services provided
  • Assist with the preparation of five year capital plans
  • Assist with the preparation and submission of permit renewal applications

Water Distribution

  • Periodically flush fire hydrants
  • Exercise water main Valves
  • Coordination repair of broken or leaking mains
  • Change out or repair broken water meters
  • Implement a water meter change ou program
  • Collect water samples for required regulatory testing
  • If disinfection is being done, test to assure proper levels are maintained
  • If chemicals are being used, test to assure proper levels are maintained
  • Locate mains requested by state one-call service
  • Periodic meter reading
  • Service turn ons and shut offs
  • Assure the proper operation of any water storage reservoir or towers
  • Coordinate periodic water reservoir or tower maintenance
  • Mow grass around water storage facilities
  • Track water lost
  • Detect leaks